We are firmly committed to working in Kenya,Uganda and Lesotho. Currently we are supporting educational projects in Kenya, Lesotho and Uganda and a community development project in Lesotho. In Kenya and Uganda, Rafiki Thabo is enabling young people to continue their education at secondary and university level. In Uganda, we are also supporting a feeding programme in one of the secondary schools we work with. In Lesotho, we have contributed to the building of Ha Fusi Secondary school and are committed to its ongoing development. We also now support the brightest but most disadvantaged graduates of the school through their high school career.

From time to time, at the request of our committees in-country, we have supported one off projects that are in line with our strategic goals. These have included the following:

Taita-Taveta, Kenya:Paying for anti-retroviral drugs for a couple infected with HIV/Aids.

Rwanda: Supporting a small educational project near Kigali