Our newsletters are sent out to supporters regularly, and summarise stories of work and fundraising from Lesotho, Kenya, Uganda and the UK.

Newsletter October 2019

‘Welcome to another newsletter, full of updates and stories from Rafiki Thabo Scholars in Africa and the Rafiki Thabo HQ here in the UK. Such a lot has been going on but as you read through, you’ll see that all of it is worth celebrating and sharing with you, as a friend and supporter of Rafiki Thabo…..’ read more

Newsletter March 2019

‘As I write this, signs of spring are evident all around – everything awakening from the winter dormancy and exploding into life.  Even after such a huge finale to 2018 as the Gala dinner, there hasn’t been much dormancy at Rafiki HQ and as you read through this jam-packed newsletter….’ read more

Newsletter December 2018

‘As the year draws to a close, here at Rafiki HQ we have been looking back with pride at the achievements of 2018 as well as looking forward in anticipation to what we hope to do in 2019. This newsletter lists the highlights: an exciting new partnership with Acacia UK, an amazing Gala Dinner – all steps towards doing more of what we have always done, reaching individuals in Kenya, Uganda and Lesotho and enabling their potential to be realised by partnering them on their educational journey….’ read more 

Newsletter October 2018

‘Change is certainly in the air… on crisp autumn mornings in the UK, one feels it tangibly – summer is but a distant memory now.  Writing this intro to our latest newsletter, I realise the scale of change that is happening in Rafiki Thabo – taking on a partnership with ACACIA UK, stepping out with our Inaugural Gala Dinner at Drapers’ Hall…’ read more 

Newsletter April 2018

‘It’s a simple fact that in life, there are some things I can’t get excited about.  One of these  is the new data protection legislation (GDPR), coming into force on 25th May 2018.  However, explaining what we need to do in order to protect your data is only one small fraction of this newsletter; the rest makes for a heart-warming, spirit-lifting, whistle-stop tour of lives changed, situations improved and people touched by the generosity of you, our supporters….. ‘  read more


Newsletter November 2017

‘Writing this, it seems unbelievable that the end of 2017 is already upon us.  As trustees, I think we will look back on the past eleven months as being quite pivotal in the development of Rafiki Thabo Foundation.  We are supporting more Scholars than ever with over 160 bursaries currently awarded…..’ read more

Newsletter March 2017

‘Welcome to our Spring 2017 newsletter for a quick march through of some of the past months’ highlights…’ read more

Newsletter November 2016

‘This newsletter once again is packed with stories of achievement, of aspirations won and dreams seized.  Against any context, this makes for uplifting reading, but sad news this week from Kenya brings it all into sharp relief…..’ read more

Newsletter June 2016

‘In the wake of a European referendum, the realisation that life in other parts of the world does indeed go on can be a bit of a shock… but here it is, the good, the bad and the amazing.  New jobs, renovated dorms….read more

Newsletter March 2016

‘Hearing first-hand the voices of Rafiki Scholars expressing the transformative effect access to education has made in their lives is incredibly moving and in this newsletter we hear from Solomon who writes: “All my tears have been wiped away: now I have hope for the future…. read more

Newsletter November 2015

‘Education transforms the total person’ – the words of our Kenya Programme Manager Liverson rang true time and time again as I met scholars that Rafiki Thabo has supported on a recent visit…. read more

Newsletter June 2015

Welcome to another Rafiki Newsletter – that it is already time to send another update bears testament to the fact that there has been so much going on this year!  As a group of trustees, we continue to be amazed and inspired by the transformative stories that we hear back from our student beneficiaries ……. read more

Newsletter March 2015

Spring is upon us and the new year is already in full swing – as you will see below reading through everything that is going on from the recent events to an exciting merger with Kazi Mingi Foundation ….. read more

Newsletter December 2014

It occurred to me the other day how designing gardens (my day job) and the Rafiki Thabo Foundation have more in common than one at first might imagine. In both, a financial commitment sets in motion a series of consequences resulting in total transformation ….. read more

Newsletter May 2014

This has been a really exciting few months as you will read below – so much has been going on and so many students have, through your support, seen their hopes and dreams of an education realised.  We and they cannot thank you enough….. read more

Newsletter December 2013

News often seems to focus on the things that are going wrong in our world, or it zooms in on the falsities and speculations gleaned from ‘lives’ of celebrities. This newsletter is the antidote to all that. The stories here are of what is going well and what can be achieved – real, tangible differences in real people’s lives…Read more

Newsletter May 2013

In January I had the enormous privilege of going to Kenya to visit some of the beneficiaries of the Rafiki Thabo Foundation. It was an amazing ten days; days that challenged, inspired and humbled me in equal measure. The tangible sense of what the Rafiki Thabo Foundation can do for individuals, transforming opportunities and realising potential was so apparent. Together we really can make a difference…Read more

Newsletter 2011/12 

A lunch programme for 70 of the neediest children at a primary school on the border with Rwanda, over 30 students’ University and Secondary School fees paid in Kenya and Uganda and four teaching salaries covered in Lesotho… it’s been a full and fulfilling year! Thank you all so much for your support and we hope you enjoy this brief round-up of our recent news…. Read more

Newsletter 2010

The past year has been an increasingly busy one for the Rafiki Thabo Foundation with some really exciting developments, especially in regard to our relationship with Ha Fusi Secondary School in Lesotho. In Kenya we have had the privilege of supporting two medical students through university this past year, a commitment that we are delighted to make as better health is really a key element in driving long-term economic change. It is so exciting to think that by our efforts and the generosity of our supporters, we here in the UK can really in a small way make a difference …..Read more

Newsletter 2009

Our 1st official newsletter – looking ahead to 2009 and telling stories of the last year.

  • In Lesotho students from Cokethorpe School came to dig a well
  • Two young Kenyans were helped in their professional training
  • Coast-to-coast cycling raised money for the Foundation

Read more

Fusi School Newsletters

Rafiki Thabo is proud to support Fusi School. Further details of its history and development are included in the newsletters below:

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December 2012

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