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2014 was a big year with some significant changes.  After managing on a purely voluntary basis since its inception, Rafiki Thabo was fortunate enough to have been able to secure funds for a paid part-time Director who came to us in the form of Janet.  The timing couldn’t have been better – the success of Rafiki has been such that more and more people are engaging with the work, both here in the UK and in each of the beneficiary countries, and having Janet means we are well placed to grow the model just enough to accommodate this – without losing the personal connections that make it all so unique.   The journey  is still very new and very exciting.  Ahead lie many opportunities to make a transformative difference through education – and the Trustees of Rafiki Thabo, on behalf of all the beneficiaries, thank you for your support in achieving this.

Jon Uglow, Chair of Trustees

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