Thank You Notes

Here are some extracts of what students and friends have said about us and our work:

Thabelo Ramaqele, Headmaster of Fusi School, Lesotho, after students from Cokethorpe School had fundraised for us and visited the school to build a chicken coop and fill it with chickens:

“The chickens have started to lay eggs and on Tuesday the students were very much excited with their lunch which included fried eggs.

Please tell your students that our students and the community are grateful because students will have protein and the surplus will be sold to the community so that the chickens will have the feed. The profit will ensure that the school fees remains the same and that will keep more students at school.
On behalf of the school I wish to thank you once and promise to work hard to make the school self-sufficient very soon.”

Mwamengi M. Gabriel, studying for a Diploma in Building and Civil Engineering at Mombasa Polytechnic University College, Kenya:

“I feel like Rafiki Thabo foundation came to Kenya, Taita-Taveta only …to save my diminishing vision of learning. MAY GOD BLESS RAFIKI THABO”

Chris Turinzirwe who graduated in October 2014 from his BA in Public Administration & Management at Kabale University, Uganda:


“My first time to hear about Rafiki was when I visited Rev Benon telling him that I lacked school fees after my advanced level. He told me that there is a foundation called Rafiki and is helping children by giving them school fees. I did an application and gave it to the Rev, after some months he told me that Rafiki had considered and paid my tuition fees at Kabale University and now am finishing my course. In all Rafiki has helped me to become educated by now I have applied to act as a sub-county chief and my future ambition is to become a member of parliament for Dorwa East county cos I have all qualifications. I hope to help other needy children when I get a job. Am appealing people to keep supporting Rafiki both materially and financially so that it can help more other children. THX RAFIKI.”

Dora Saru Nyambu, studying a BA in Community Development at St. Paul’s University, Kenya:

“Thank you and the entire Rafiki Thabo Foundation for the great support you have sent my way ….. it has always been my prayer that one day I would further my education but I lacked the resources. [Thank you] for the excellent work you are doing to help lift and change the lives of the many needy people like us.”

Sarah Akampurira, a recent Masters graduate in Leadership and Human Relations, Makerere University, Kampala:

“Allow me to take this opportunity to thank you Rafiki Thabo Foundation for the financial support you rendered to me to accomplish my Masters in Leadership and Human Relations. I am pleased to inform you that I am forever grateful and I pray unto God to continue blessing you as you support those in need. I can’t put it right in words but what you did to me enabled me to achieve my life time dream and inspired me to move to greater heights.’

Sarah Akampurira

 Nicholas Ayiesa, a recent graduate of KCA University, Kenya:

“Because this amount [of money I had raised from well wishers] could not pay even a half of the fees, I tirelessly prayed to God to bring a friend my way to sort me out. It didn’t take long; God brought a friend by the name RAFIKI THABO FOUNDATION in my life through Rev. Mwanganyi.

Rafiki Thabo has really transformed my life. I am the first person in my Mothers` whole extended family with a degree. My graduation in November 2013 was a shock to many. This has made me gain my respect. I am no longer the fatherless boy the community used to see.”

Read Nicholas’ amazing life story.


Nthatuoa Lentsa, student in Lesotho:

Dear Sir/Madam

I write this letter to thankyou about the money which I received from you.

I was able to pay all my school fees and I bought all the text books which were needed in my school. I also paid for an educational trip which the school took. I thank you very much because now I am able to study easily with the text books which I would not have if you did not provide me with money

I really appreciate your help

Yours Faithfully

Nthatuoa Lentsa

Morake Phera, student in Lesotho:

I would like to take this golden opportunity to strike while the iron is hot by thanking you.

It is my great honour to thankyou about the sponsorship.  With the money I had paid the school fees and purchased text books. Indeed it is my wish to say thankyou more than a hundred times.

My parents are also pleased with you when they saw the favour that I had got from you. They said that I should tell you that the great benedictions are from God. They said a friend in need is a friend indeed.

I want to give clear evidence from the proverb that says, “tall oaks from little acorns grow by working hard.”

Morake Phera

Moses, studied BSc in Medicine, Lake Institute for Tropical Medicine, Kenya:

I just wrote to say thanks so much for you and the Rafiki Thabo Foundation and all that made those who made an effort to see me sail through by paying my boarding fee.

Thanks so much for standing with me and supporting my studies may God bless you and your family and Thabo Rafiki Foundations so much.
Thanks with Prayers.

Edward, studied BSc in Commerce at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya:

” I would kindly like to offer my humble appreciation to the trustees and the foundation at large. Thank you for the support and may God bless and strengthen the foundation.

I hear most of the time my family thanking God for the miracle He did to us through your foundation. I am, again, thanking you for the funds you provided me with,and I have a feeling that God has already done something wonderful for you and the foundation at large”.

Annette, studied a BSc in Commerce at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya:

“Am glad to inform you that the university accepted the letter and I have been allowed to sit my examination. I would like to thank you and the foundation very much for the funds. To be sincere this is a great relief to both my parents and myself. God bless you.”