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Welcome to our online shop!

All the goods have been purchased locally in Kenya and 100% of the purchase price will be treated as a donation and used to support our programmes in Africa and increase the life opportunities of those we work with.

You can pay by credit or debit card or via PayPal. Just click “add to cart” next to the item you wish to purchase – you will be taken to your shopping basket, where you can amend item quantities, return to this page to keep shopping, or proceed to payment.

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IMG_0318Batik – large (96cm x 140cm) – £20

IMG_0314Batik – medium (86cm x 47cm) – £10


These are traditional Kenyan ‘Kangas’ (165cm x 115cm) and make beautiful table cloths, wall hangings or clothes! The writing on the Kangas are meaningful phrases in Swahili – translations are available upon request!

IMG_1337IMG_1338   IMG_1339

IMG_1340   IMG_1341   IMG_1344



IMG_0636Maasai Beaded necklace – £10.50

IMG_0641   Earrings – £5 a pair, various colours

IMG_0333Necklace: medium beads with loops – £5

      IMG_0332Necklace (small) – £3





IMG_0325Bracelet – rolled paper, lacquered: £2.50


Bead Bracelet – £2.50IMG_0324





Maasai Bead Bracelet – £3.50




Wooden warrior Keyring – £4 each

IMG_0642  Maasai Beaded Keyring, various colours – £4 each

Christmas gift cards

Why not give a gift with a difference when it comes to Christmas? Rather than yet another pair of socks or pack of smellies, give one of these cards and make a real difference to lives in Africa.

£5 gift card – this will enable us to provide school meals for a month forGift cards a Ugandan student who otherwise would have gone to school hungry.

£10 gift card – this will enable us to buy books for a High School Scholar in Lesotho. 10poundWithout these books, she would not be able to pass her exams and work towards a brighter future.

£15 gift card – this will enable us to send a girl in Kenya to school for a month. This is the 15most precious gift she would hope for: it will transform her life forever.