Scholar pledge drive

On the anniversary of our Inaugural Gala Dinner on 15th November 2018, we are launching a pledge drive to enable us to support four bright young people in Africa to continue with their education. Elias, Janet, Blair and Ruth are desperately waiting to hear whether we will be able to offer them scholarships so that they too can look forward to a much brighter future, lifting themselves and their families out of poverty through education.

Read more about Elias, Janet, Blair and Ruth here.





If, with your kind support, we can raise a total of £10,629 by the end of November, these children can start university in January 2020! No pledge is too small! Please pledge now.

At our Inaugural Gala Dinner, we raised an incredible £57,000, of which £12,000 was raised through a pledge drive which enabled four scholars – Mghoi, Fednand, Zildah and Sospeter – to complete the remainder of their education without the shame and disruption of not being able to pay their fees. Read more about Mghoi, Fednand, Zildah and Sospeter here.