Where we work

MapRafikiThe Rafiki Thabo Foundation supports particular communities in the countries in which we work. We only support people and projects in communities where there is an
established personal link.

Our link communities are:


Taita-Taveta County lies approximately 200 km northwest of Mombasa and 360 km southeast of Nairobi. The capital is Mwatate and the other main towns are Voi, Wundanyi and Taveta in that order.

Rafiki Thabo supports young people from Taita-Taveta at secondary school and university, paying their fees thus enabling them to continue their education.

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Teyateyaneng is located about 40 kilometres north of the national capital of Maseru on the Main North One, a road that runs parallel to the South African border leading to the north. The city is situated on a high plateau at about 1,600 meters altitude.

Rafiki Thabo has supported the construction of a new secondary school at Ha Fusi, in Teyateyaneng, and now continues to contribute to its development. We also fund needy students from Fusi School to attend high school & university.

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Kabale is in South West Uganda. Kabale is the highest (2,000m) and coldest town in Uganda and is known as the “Switzerland of Africa” with intricately terraced hills and fjord-like lakes.

Rafiki Thabo supports secondary and university students. We also fund a feeding programme in one of our link schools.

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