In-country committees

In each country that we work in, there is a local committee of trusted volunteers for Rafiki Thabo. They are the link between the trustees and the local community. This system ensures that our funds support those people and projects that are  known locally to be the most deserving rather than relying on an outsider’s perception. It also means that our money doesn’t go astray or get used up in middle management.

The main responsibilities of these committees are:

1) Receiving and reviewing applications from students and recommending to the Trustees which students should be supported

2) Ensuring good communication between the educational institutions and Rafiki Thabo UK

3) Facilitating communication between students supported by Rafiki Thabo and the UK

4) Promotion of Rafiki Thabo within the community

5) Identification of funding needs within the community

Meet the committee members in each country by clicking on the links below: