Fusi Primary School has electricity!

During her recent visit to Lesotho, Trustee Elizabeth Dunford was delighted to discover that the electricity supply to Fusi Secondary School had been extended to the village. Unfortunately, the extension only reached as far as the residents’ homes and the primary school was not included. This meant that Fusi Primary School was the only building in the village without electricity. The Principal had tried to persuade the community to include the primary school but to no avail. We were delighted to be able to fund the further extension of the electricity supply to the primary school. The pupils are very excited! This will make a real difference to their education as they can now learn in a better lit environment. The school can also now make use of electrical equipment, such as photocopiers, which makes teachers’ lives much easier and attracts more pupils into school.

We have just received this letter and photos from the school – they are clearly very happy!

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