My life story by Daudi Mwamghunda

My name is Daudi Mwamghunda, a student at Kenyatta University and a beneficiary of the DaudiRafiki Thabo Foundation. I’m pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Finance.

I was born a few years back in Taita Taveta County-Kenya. I struggled all the way through primary school and high school, constantly being sent home for school fees. Being raised by a single parent was tough. I had no one else to provide the basic need in life but her. I cleared my primary school education despite the challenges I went through. The case was the same as I got admitted in high school. I dropped out of school when I was in form two due to lack of school fees. After a year I managed to get back to class, and cleared my secondary education.

I got admission to the university but all my fears came tumbling upon me, with tuition fees amounting to KES 145,000 (app. £1,000) per academic year. I didn’t consider joining campus as a viable option anymore, I had given up. My family decided to hold a small fundraiser to see whether some money could be put together for me to join university. Fortunately the fundraiser was able to raise little funds. I joined campus for semester one of my first year. I missed 2 semesters after that, I had anticipated to be awarded with a higher education loans board with didn’t materialise. I had applied for a scholarship with Rafiki Thabo Foundation and I was still waiting for a response from the team.

One day I received an email from the Director (arguably the most important mail I have ever received) stating that I have been awarded a scholarship with this Foundation. I was so happy to have been among the chosen ones among the many applications sent. My fees were paid and I started lectures immediately. I’m now in my last semester, hopefully graduating this December (2015). It’s now clear that I will realise the dream that I have always had ever since I was a kid: to help alleviate poverty in my family and then help many more children access basic education. The main challenges to getting an education in Kenya are financial. I feel the government is not doing enough to provide basic education to its citizens. The number of students who transit from primary to secondary school is alarming with up to 40% ending up without securing a slot in the country’s high schools. For quite a number this is due to poor performance but some face the financial constraints I did. In future I would like to start my own foundation and help many more unprivileged kids realise their dreams: to me education is of key importance in the world we are living in today.

I would like to thank the friends of this honorable Foundation for the good job they are doing and urge anyone who is contemplating coming on board to please do so as he/she will be helping a child realise a dream.

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