Rafiki Thabo Foundation and Kazi Mingi Foundation join forces

We are delighted to announce that Rafiki Thabo Foundation has merged with another UK charity, the Kazi Mingi Foundation (KMF), with the operations of KMF now falling under Rafiki’s administration.  This exciting development represents the natural ‘next step’ for both organisations, bearing witness to a remarkable journey of more than 17 years of facilitating education in Africa.

The connection between KMF and Rafiki Thabo came via St Bartholomew’s School, Kenya in 2013.  KMF had been responsible for the development of the school’s infrastructure, financing the vision held by the local community for the establishment of a boy’s secondary school in the Voi area.  The Principle at St Bartholomew’s school in 2013 was Rev. Liverson Mng’onda, the very same Liverson who runs Rafiki Thabo’s Kenyan committee.

With this common link recognised, it immediately became apparent to the trustees of both KMF and Rafiki that there was immense synergy between the organisations, and that by combining their work, optimal use of energies and resources could be made.  The overlap went beyond shared contacts and charitable objectives;  having completed the development of St Bartholomew’s, KMF had begun sponsoring boys from deprived backgrounds to attend the school… some of whom had then gone on to received funding from Rafiki Thabo to continue their education at university level!

Discussions have been ongoing since 2013, but with the merger now in place, we will all continue to work together to ensure a smooth handover of KMF’s operations to Rafiki Thabo. We are fully committed to continuing to support the secondary education of the boys already being sponsored by KMF and, whilst hopefully the change won’t even be noticed, we would like to offer a heartfelt welcome to all the boys transferring across to Rafiki Thabo Foundation.

It is also a real joy to welcome all those supporters of KMF who have decided to join us on this exciting journey; the name has changed, the mission has expanded slightly but ultimately you are still making the same tangible and transformative difference to the lives of individuals in Africa, by providing opportunity through education.  On behalf of all our students, at St Bartholomew’s and beyond, thank you.

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