Nicholas Story

Whenever the trustees receive personal letters from  Rafiki students, it is always humbling. This latest letter from Nicholas in Kenya confirms our desire to keep going and expand our programmes!

Nicholas is a student at KCA University, Nairobi, Kenya.

He wrote…

Chairman to be sincere I luck enough words to express my gratefulness. I did not know that one time I will get to where the foundation is taking me. As I had said earlier in my story, I am the only person in our entire extended family that has had education to this level. This therefore means that you have not only put a smile on my face, but also on my family`s face.

When I broke the news to my mother, she literally cried joyously because she knows what education can do in one’s life, especially a person like me who has had to struggle in a community where there is a believe that a child who is born and the father cannot be traced is a curse.

Thank you so much and may God be a blessing to Rafiki Thambo Foundation and all the trustees.


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