Paying it forward: Edward’s story

Our Director, Jon Uglow has recently returned from meeting all the Rafiki students in Kenya, old and current ones.  Jon has many inspiring stories to tell….more information to follow soon!  A few days ago, Jon received an email from Edward Kichoi about the difference Rafiki is making in his life….amazing!  We wanted to share a little of his words with you all, so please read on!  (Edward is currently a  4th Year at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) doing a Bachelors in Commerce, Marketing Option)

I am very excited to inform you this-remember during the meeting, I said that, later in life I would love to do what Rafiki Thabo foundation has done for me, such assist other needy people, or simply inspire other peoples lives? Well, I already am. My dance group here at JKUAT has decided to voluntarily contribute towards paying for the exam fee amount, for a certain primary school kid, who enjoys watching us dance and helping us out. He is needy, and we decided to seize the opportunity to inspire his life, so that he will not miss his class 8 exams. I would love to thank you for inspiring me, and I hope other members of the group will keep up the spirit in their future lives.”


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