RFT launches 2012 Campaign, including Eat Well to learn programme

Coming shortly …..more information about our 2012 Campaign including the Eat Well to learn programme.

This is an exciting development for the charity, recognising that many of our students struggle to raise enough money to pay for school meals and often spend days at school trying to learn with no food. One of our trustees was so moved by her visit to students in rural Uganda in September 2011, that together with Rev Benon Byruhanga suggested this as Rafiki’s new 2012 campaign. She witnessed lunch times in which students had to sit with those that could afford food and go without, NO student should have to go through that. For many students, this is the only time that they may eat in the day. Headmaster, Rev Benon Byruhanga had no way of raising the funds to met this need and was very distressed. ¬†Rafiki has really been able to make a difference by covering the cost of lunches for those that were going hungry.

“You cannot believe that even those who are HIV/AIDS victims can now laugh and play with others. You may not know the impact you have made in my school. You have wiped away my tears for these students also. When I heard the news about lunch fees, I walked house to house calling those who had left school because of hunger to come back and I am happy that they can now smile.”

Rev Benon Byruhanga, Headmaster of Kamuganguzi Janan Lewan Memorial Secondary School

Please support this programme by donating NOW! Every penny really counts and helps transform lives.


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