Educating a nation

6th – 23rd September 2011  

Susannah Evans and Jane Baker were commissioned by Rafiki Thabo to visit all students that Rafiki have been supporting for the last two years. Its aim was to gather professional photos of all students for future publicity and fundraising purposes for Rafiki Thabo to enable them to create a wider support base in the UK for the charity and raise its income. Interviews were also conducted with various students on the Rafiki programme and a Ugandan Committee was also set up. The Reverend Benon Byruhanga kindly volunteers his time for Rafiki Thabo and is the main link between the UK and Uganda.  Reverend Benon Byruhanga has been a personal friend to Susannah for the past 11 years.

It was fantastic to be back in Uganda after 5 years away and introduce Jane to the beautiful country! We spent a few days in Kampala (Capital) where we were able to meet Sara Akampuria who has recently graduated in MA thanks to the support of Rafiki. We then travelled 8 hours on a very long bus ride to Kabale, SW Uganda where Rafiki is based. We were met by Rev Benon Byruhanga who has been a long standing friend of mine for the last 10 years and has been coordinating the work of Rafiki.  It was fantastic to meet again and it was though no time had passed.

Benon was fantastic in working with Jane and I to form a timetable to enable us to visit every Rafiki student. In 10 days we went to 7 Secondary Schools, 1 University and 1 Nursery Training  Institute.  We met all the Rafiki students and talked to them individually and took photographs. Listening to their stories and the way Rafiki has given them hope was inspiring and humbling.


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